Welcome to overthinkDCIapps.com!

About the site

overthinkDCIapps.com is my (Evan Murray's) app hosting platform, a companion to the blog/website overthinkDCIscores.com. This is where I keep the visualizations and proof-of-concept demonstrations that go along with blog posts and other projects on my website. Everything you see on this domain is running Rstudio's excellent package called shiny, which allows me to make interesting front-ends and visualizations while learning as little javascript and HTML as possible.

If you like what you see here, a lot of the code (more so the back-end modeling than the apps' shiny code) that supports this page will find it's way to my github. If you like something you see here that isn't yet publicly available, send me a note (you can see how to reach me on my website) and I'll move it up my priority list. All the projects you see here are 'evenings and weekends' projects , so it might take me some time. Be patient!

Lastly, this is a bleeding edge repository of my work - my work ends up here before I write about it on my website. If, for some reason, you want to be ahead of the curve for following my work, check back in from time to time. I hope you enjoy viewing the content as much as I enjoy putting it together!

- Evan

My Projects

2018 DCI Forecast - the 2018 version of my perrenial project forecasting DCI scores. It's where I got the idea for my domain names.

RunningGo - a quick proof-of-concept demonstrating how to connect Go and R, using C as a bridge, to bring all the performance and concurrency benefits of Go to analyzing data in R.

New York Philharmonic Coperformance Project - a poorly-named hobby project that quantitatively explores the connections between composers based on the New York Philharmonic's program archive data .

My resume - basically just my resume. It was a fun way to start start learning the basics of Rmarkdown.

Historic DCI Model - version of my model that runs on historic years, currently 1995 through 2018.

2019 DCI Forecast - the 2019 version of my DCI forecast.